YouTube Offline is now in Pakistan

YouTube Offline is now in Pakistan

It was always very annoying to wait for the proper and fast internet connection if we wanted to watch the YouTube videos. YouTube is an ultimate source of entertainment for over 1 billion people around the world; they watch videos as per their choice, which are available right on time of their release.

The surprising news is that now you do not need to wait for any internet connection if you wish to watch a YouTube video. Not only that, you do not also need to use your mobile data for that.

YouTube has recently announced its offline feature for the audience in Pakistan. Through this feature, the users can now easily watch the videos via Video Sharing Platform even without any internet access. This facility is a step further as compared to the recently available offline service that is for the iOS and Android with the advertisements in it.

  This sound fabulous for all the internet users in Pakistan. They can enjoy videos in airplane mode as well. This facility is present in the videos which are offering the offline service. These videos fall in the category of dance, comedy, movies, sports, etc.

This facility by YouTube is indeed the best one for its Pakistani users. Now, they do not need to download their favorite videos separately and watch. Just a click and you have the video in your possession.

YouTube Partnership Program:

The other big news is certainly in your favor. If you are a YouTube, then you will be greatly benefited with this news. YouTube has also launched its Partnership program for all the You Tubers who are developing content online.

Now all developers can earn from their YouTube channels too. Get as much views as you can on your videos that will attract the advertisers. Whatever YouTube will earn from those ads, the big chunk will be in your account. You just have to sync you channel with the Ad sense account so that you could monetize your activities.

But, make sure that your content must be original and without any copy as per mentioned in YouTube’s guidelines.

The regional representatives from Google and YouTube are pretty confident with the success of this program that will help them in endorsing the Pakistani talent around the world.

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