djuice Hits YouTube with Oye Kuch kar Guzar | #OyeKuchKarGuzar

djuice Hits YouTube with Oye Kuch kar Guzar | #OyeKuchKarGuzar

The #OyeKuchKarGuzar frenzy is literally unstoppable now! Trust me, I had not stopped raving about the positive initiative the Celebrities, Ushna Shah, Ali Safina and Uzair Jaswal had taken, by breaking a short video clip named #OyeKuchKarGuzar, and how the entire nation joined the band wagon of fun, that the story moves further ahead! Do not make any assumptions!!! The Trend scene is still on, and all and any of you are more than welcome to join it on Twitter. However, an extra dimension has been added to the whole scenario. I bet you guys are dying to know what that is.

Although, I really feel like building some kind of hype, and not giving it away so easily, but I am too excited to contain this within 🙂 . Apparently the mastermind behind the video clip on Mangobaaz was none other than the ever progressive, youth centric Telecom Brand djuice, which is now all set to launch the first ever YouTube Movie of Pakistan titled “Oye Kuch Kar Guzar” . Yes, the film will show case Ushna Shah, Ali Safina & Uzair Jaswal.

The Trailer has already gone live on YouTube and you can watch it now !
Check it out before we talk any further.

In case any of you did not know, YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine and the 3rd most visited Website, in the world, after Google & Facebook. After 3 years of being banned in Pakistan, this year the ban was finally lifted, and YouTube also Officially Offered Monetization to Content Creators in Pakistan, as it does to several other Countries in the world. Of Course the Monetization Policy opens new gateways for individuals and entities on the social media to demonstrate their abilities without having to rely on external crutches, while earning a few bucks at the same time. Who would say no to such a win-win opportunity?

Theoretically, no one, but practically speaking djuice has taken the lead by producing the first ever online movie of Pakistan the name of which, #OyeKuchKarGuzar, is itself an appeal to Just Go Ahead and Do Something! Yes, they have done it for Pakistan, and hopefully others will follow suit.
What makes the movie more interesting is the fact that viewers can interpret it in their own unique ways. The users will also have the option of using annotations, by which they can navigate the movie in a direction they chose to, see related videos by clicking on links, and even interact with the brand thereby enhancing Customer Experience on the whole! #OyeKuchKarGuzr surely is a concoction of Marketing & Technical Genius at its optimal best!

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