Rooh Afza For Every Generation | #RoohAfzaRamzanMubarak

Rooh Afza For Every Generation | #RoohAfzaRamzanMubarak

Nature has bestowed us with many beautiful relations that are important for us at every step of life. Just like that, we share one of the most precious relationships with grandparents as we do with our parents.

The memory of my grandparents revived in my mind when I watched the recent TVC of Rooh Afza in which a grandfather was speaking to his grandson via video call. The son understands the loneliness of his father and came over with his family to his dad. Old man was delighted to see his treasure like son and his family.

The advertisement moves forward with the “aftaari” and prayers scenes, where little grandson is accompanying his grandfather. These scenes are so authentic that all of us can relate them with our real lives. We all remember offering prayers with our grandparents while they teach us more about religion.

The loveliest part of the advertisement takes turn when grandfather is teaching good deeds to the little boy. Like giving present to the underprivileged. In the ad, there is a gardener’s boy, who is living in the same household. This is a fact that whatever children learn from their closest relations, it is pasted on their minds forever. It reminded me of the time when our grandparents used to tell us to be kind with those around you and with those who are unable to enjoy all the facilities of life.

The commercial moves on with the same scenes of grandfather distributing meals and helping people along with his grandson so that he will get to learn the best of the things in life. That is indeed true, children perceives a lot from the act of their elders.

The concluded part of the commercial is very heart touching when the boy comes up with gardener’s boy at his Roza Khushai (the celebration of the first ever fast). This act shows that how the good acts of grandfather affected the mind of his grandson and showed a great gesture of equality by inviting that kid over.

The Rooh Afza TVC has certainly touched hearts that way. The message of kindness, sharing, and equality is something that we desperately need to educate our upcoming generations. The most appreciating aspect of the advertisement is that how vital grandparents are for our lives. For the young kids, grandparents are like first school after their mother.

Rooh Afza – Ramzan Mubarak

Explore the beautiful colors of life this blessed month of Ramzan with your family and learn to appreciate the little intricate joys that life brings. From learning the art of giving to spreading kindness wherever you go, make the most of this holy month in any way you can.

Posted by Rooh Afza on Monday, 22 May 2017

The Rooh Afza commercial is indeed a fresh sight to the eyes and mind while everyone is running behind the commercialism.


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