With the subtle message – Blue Band has touched hearts

With the subtle message – Blue Band has touched hearts

Living in a fast-paced world, we are more exposed to the things that society has usually avoided in past. Thanks to media that has made everything happening in front of eyes and has given space to the people to think beyond limits.

The power of media is undeniable and that is why many corporations are now using it to deliver thought provoking messages that could change society’s perceptions. Unilever is one of those organizations which understand its corporate social responsibility pretty well. Thus, they always come up with the marketing ideas that could be helpful for everyone. There recent advertisement for Blue Band is the one which has reached up to our souls.

Blue Band Ad: Achayi Barhne Do

The ad begins with a usual home scene where a kid is playing and working with one hand while his mother is eyeing him due to his unusual behaviour. She continuously watches him acting like that and even when he goes out playing with his peers. Everyone was playing in the same manner that is with one hand on their back. This thing probes the mother just like any other mom.

Things take an interesting turn when the physically impaired boy entered the garden and other boys cheered him up to play with them. The boy appeared to be quite amused with the invitation and joined the other boys who also concealed their one hand inside their shirts to show unanimity with the boy.

The expression of kindness and love is immense at this point, which can be felt just by watching the act. Commonly, we are not concerned about such people and their emotions, but this Blue Band ad with the tagline “Achayi Barhne Do” has captured our attention towards this topic so brilliantly. Undoubtedly, there is an immense need to teach such generous acts to our children so that they could create better societies tomorrow.

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