Fairy tales are real and we believe it now! | #ImLovinIt

Fairy tales are real and we believe it now! | #ImLovinIt

We all have grown up listening to those glittery and happy ending fairy tales, where prince charming rescues the beautiful girl or bring her an impossible thing on earth. Well, as soon as we grew up we realised that those were just stories and we are far away from fairy tales. But, for some fairy tales can be real if they sincerely want to.

The same thing happened with Munawal Javed when she proved her love for food by making it to the McDonald’s right after her Nikah festivities. Yes! You heard me right! It actually happened. I have seen those funny posts of the bride having pizza on her wedding day, but this could be real? I was amazed and amused at the same time.

According to the bride, Munawal, it was her dream to have her favourite food from McDonald’s on her wedding day and fortunately, his groom Zubair was sweet enough to fulfil her dream. She was still in her wedding attire when she reached to the fast food chain along with his groom and some of the family members to scoff down a burger, fries, and her favourite ice cream. It was surprising for the whole McDonald’s crew as well, but everyone was extremely joyous to have the freshly Nikah-fied couple between them.

It seems like now we can modify fairy tale into a McFairy tale that this bride just experienced. Instead of running home and get rid of the heavy clothes, makeup, and accessories, the couple actually decided to have juicy Mc Burger. This surely gives couple goals to many upcoming married couples who might want to experience the same. One thing we are sure of is that McDonald’s will always have its doors open for them. Simply because when its precious customers love it, then certainly there is an obligation to love back and turn their dreams into reality.

This Munawal and Zubair’s dare of showing up in McDonald’s on their Nikah evening has taught us a thing to go for whatever your heart wants to. Never sit aback thinking that how the world is going to react rather just attempt the most impossible and make it possible with all your dedication.

So, if you are also planning to do something exceptional on your big day, then go for it without a second thought. Your happiness must not seek approval of others as they say! No matter how crazy it sounds or how unrealistic people call it, you must never stop living your dream just like Munawal and Zubair.

We wish all the love and heartiest wishes to this lovely couple for their future and looking forward to see them back in McDonald’s to gather some more pleasant memories.

Checkout McDonald’s Pakistan response on their Facebook page.

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