National Anthem by Coke Studio is absolutely revitalizing

National Anthem by Coke Studio is absolutely revitalizing

National anthem depicts the existence, cohesion, devotion, and uniqueness of any nation. For Pakistanis, their national anthem is way too close to their hearts and they love singing it loud at any occasion.

The start of the month of August brings all the green around us and everyone is seen dipped in the color in any way they can. Our music has also turned green this year and all thanks go to Coke Studio 10.

The newest season of Coke Studio 10 is kicked off with the marvelous release of National Anthem featuring all the singers. Pakistan’s Coke Studio has gathered many appreciations on an international level in terms of its exceptional music.

The musicians have assorted the soulful music that is enhancing the essence of our beloved national anthem that is leaving everyone in awe. Not to forget the fleet of artists in synchronization enthralling us with the lyrics of the anthem.

Finalized in 1952, the national anthem was written by Hafeez Jallandhuri and composed by Ahmed G. Chagla. For the first time, on seventh Independence Day, the national anthem was broadcasted on radio and Hafeez Jallandhuri himself sung it.

Same like it was broadcasted on 7th Independence Day, Coke Studio has once again revived the spirit by releasing it on 70th Independence Day in all new tone. Undoubtedly, proving them Sound of the Nation. We do not think that there could be any better start of the Season 10 than having a sing-along version of National Anthem.

Coke Studio has initiated the trend of regenerating the national songs from its season 8 where they had everyone re-singing the famous song Sohni Dharti following Ae Rah e Haq k Shaheedon in Season 9. Without any qualm, they were equally goose bumping as the original versions that are mainly because of the talented and perfection prone production team.

The best feature that makes Coke Studio diverse from any other music franchise is its innovation with the music and the dare to challenge our ears with that music. Fortunately, their experiments end up being on everyone’s lips. What could be a bigger achievement than that?

Coke Studio 10 will be featuring many big names back in the franchise with Atta ullah Esa Khelvi, Sajjad Ali,  Mekal Hassan, Javed Bashir, Ali Sethi, Umair Jaswal and Ali Zafar. Along with these stars, many new comers will be appearing this year too including Sajjad Ali’s daughter Zaw Ali, Ali Zafar’s Brother Daniyal Zafar and Zoe Viccaji’s Sister Rachel Viccaji. Having talented and melodious siblings, we expect the newcomers to be equally in tune.

There is no second opinion about such brilliant beginning by Coke Studio 10, we have our hopes on the peak with the upcoming episodes.

Watch and listen The National Anthem of Pakistan by Coke Studio :

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