A strong Woman is fearless | #NotAfailure

A strong Woman is fearless | #NotAfailure

Since their birth, woman are always expected to act perfectly like going wrong could be the biggest sin for a lifetime. And while trying to be perfect, she loses many aspects of her personality, which is entirely unfair. Unfortunately, the society’s standards of accepting a woman are always biased where they want you to be flawless while they are themselves full of flaws.

One thing that has always ruined the peace out of a women’s life is cooking. Well, I am not some anti-cooking or feminazi, but I simply want to point out the reality.  People can be easily found giving the various harsh statement if a girl cannot cook. For instance:

  • Susral mai ja k humari naak katwayegi…..
  • Mian ko kia paka k khilaogi?….
  • Kaise larki hai, cooking nahi aati….

And many more…

these are very few and minor statements that I have point out, in reality, people can go lethal.

But, as the time has move forward the courageous women of our society has broken all of such stereotypes and have emerged even stronger.

Luckily, I had the very personal experience with such exceptional woman in the form of my ‘Mother’. I always used to wonder that how she manages home and job so efficiently without failing anyone. As a single mother, she was dependent on her own with her children, where she had to look after them and meet the financial needs as well.

Was it about her kitchen or her job, she has always completed her tasks of both sides and ensure about giving proper time to her children. We all had active taste buds and I remember that my mother never had out taste flying away anywhere and that is because of her quick approach to the readymade masala packs.

The recent campaign of National is clearly proving that women are now open to much more than just spending a lifetime in the kitchen trying to win your heart via the stomach. Having an example of my mother, I had no problem in accepting that concept because I was already aware of this multitasking image of the modern woman.

I still remember her cooking the delicious food for the family and friends within no time and without complaining about any time restraint. Even during our examinations, she used to teach us and cook our favorite food at the same time and the secret was none other than the National Masalas. I found it absolutely brilliant that how smartly she is handling every chore of life.

Today, with all her children raised up well and settled in their lives, it proves that her every effort so far was #NotAFailure indeed. I feel proud of my mother who sacrificed a lot, faced numerous hurdles, and acted entirely against stereotypes of this society, which was never easy, but she was unstoppable.

I never felt doubt when I say that every time when I have to take inspiration from somewhere, my mother is the foremost personality who drops in my mind. Her hard work boosts my valor to never give up in life because she was also #NotAFailure.

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