Alkaram brings in Big savings on Big Friday

Alkaram brings in Big savings on Big Friday

Alkaram is a well-known and reliable name in Pakistan’s textile industry. In terms of quality fabrics, cutting-edge designs, most recent prints and economical prices, Alkaram is the clothing brand that everyone goes for without a second thought.

Like every year and season, Alkaram has also decided this year to serve its loyal consumers with Big Friday. starting from 24th November, the consumers can avail biggest discounts ever. This sounds marvelous when your favorite brand cares for you in this way. Alkaram decided to celebrate Big Friday after having a successful retail year.

The sale will continue for three days, that is from 24th November to 26th November 2017, throughout the weekend means you are going to have a shopping blast.

How much discount are you going to avail? 

The great news is that there will be a discount on every item in the store!

Yes, on Ready-to-wear items, there is a flat 50% discount. This will be on women, men, and kids clothing so that you could shop for everyone

Not only on clothing but on Home items as well there is going to be 50% off. So, compile your things-to-buy list today and gear up for the Big Friday. from bedsheets to towel and cushion covers, everything will be available for discount that you always wanted.

On the other hand, if you have waited to put hands on unstitched items, then there is good news for you too. On the unstitched fabrics from Ak fabric and Ak Studio, the discount of 30% is also applicable.

How to get further discount?

Alkaram has more to gift you with if you are an EasyPay consumer. You can avail more 5% discount if you pay through EasyPay online purchase from Alkaram website.

Items on discount

At Alkaram Stores of Ak Studio and Ak Fabric, all the items including Ready-to-wear, Unstitched, and Home are on sale. So whichever item you wish to purchase, you will get an attractive discount.

Online Big Friday

No matter if you are in Pakistan or abroad, Alkaram offers you international free shipping on Big Friday. so, you can now order your favorite items without any hassle and receive them at your doorstep.

Where to find Alkaram stores?

Being an international brand, Alkaram has its stores globally. You can find Alkaram in Qatar, Bangladesh, India, Saudia Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. In all these countries, the stores are present in all major cities. You can also confirm the store location through Alkaram official website. 

Gear Up for the Black Big Friday!

It is indeed a big news that Big Friday is going to be that massive and consumers can be benefited from such great discounts of 50 and 30 percent. If you are an online or instore consumer, then be ready to pick your craved items. It is a sure thing that only Alkaram has offered this gigantic sale of the season.

We are excited about Big Friday and we are absolutely sure about you being thrilled too!

Click Big Friday and Check out the page here for other details: BIG FRIDAY.

Enjoy the fantabulous #akStudioBigFriday sale.

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