Gwadar expo 2018 is around the corner | #GwadarExpo2018

Gwadar expo 2018 is around the corner | #GwadarExpo2018

Whenever we hear of Gwadar, we think of CPEC and that is the talk of the town these days. Entire Pakistan has its eyes stick to this mega project that is assuring numerous economic and social benefits to the country.

To enhance and highlight the activities of this project, the China Overseas Ports Holding Company along with Gwadar Port Authority is conducting the Gwadar Expo 2018 that is one of 1st International Exhibition of one of its kind.

If we speak of Balochistan, then this is a first-ever super event in the history of the province, which seems very promising for its property. The event will take place from 29th to 30th January 2018 at Gwadar Exhibition Center.

Highlights of the event:

The core objective of the Gwadar Expo is to focus on the significance of Gwadar as a Free Zone economic hub and to endorse the Gwadar port. On this occasion, the attendees will be provided knowledge of all the projects going on at Gwadar.

The event will be a major platform to introduce investors, government personnel, entrepreneurs, and financers so that they could understand the benefits of occupations, ventures, and investments attached to it. The event will be attended by both homegrown and overseas entrepreneurs.

According to the contents of Gwadar Expo, this will be a major breakthrough in Pak China Dosti that the whole world is witnessing.

Activities during the event

The two days’ event will kick off with the Inauguration Ceremonies at Business Center, Exhibition Center, and at Gwadar Free Zone Phase #1.  Followed by the inauguration ceremonies, there will be seminars and conferences for establishing the mindfulness related to the CPEC projects explaining the Gwadar is future.

There will be some vital declarations, scheduled to occur during this exhibition as well such as MoU signing ceremonies, activation of STS gantry cranes, and other happenings like B2B meetings.

Among other attractions, you can enjoy food, Pak China cultural show, and fireworks as the event will wrap up.

Prospects related to Gwadar Expo 2018

With the participation of international organizations, you will get a chance to introduce your ventures to the broader market. The chances of featuring your work and corporate appearance at International Gwadar Expo 2018 become strong.

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