A day at Lazzo de Cafe – #LazzoCafe

A day at Lazzo de Cafe – #LazzoCafe

We are a bunch of friends who could go to anywhere for a good food! We have tried almost all the places in Karachi and whenever some new place opens up, we make sure that we are checking in.

Just like that, we recently visited this newly opened French restaurant named Lazzo De Cafe and I must tell that it was an experience worth taking.

Here I tell you about what we had there that satisfied our taste buds.

Soupe de poulet au citron: Chicken Lemon Soup:

As the name suggests you, the taste of this soup is a bit tangy due to lemon factor in it, but I really found it different from the usual soups that we have daily or in other restaurants

Plus point: Light in taste with entirely new thing in soup list. This is a good intake for those on diet.

Salade orientale spéciale lazzo: Lazzo Special Oriental Salad:

Personally, I can have a meal consist of salad, but again, it must be something special and distinctive than the common Cesar or Russian salad platters. Therefore, this salade orientale spéciale lazzo was “my-thing”.

The salad has the ingredients like bell pepper, iceberg lettuce with peanuts on the top, cherry tomatoes, shrimps and rocket leaves. The dressing by competent chef will make you consume it instantly.

Calamars croustillants: Crispy Calamari:

Finding something innovative in appetizers is hard to find these days. It was my concern, but luckily i came across this calamars croustillants: crispy calamari and trust me if you are going to have this before meal, then you will never regret doing this. The crisp of this calamari enhances your appetite when served with soy- chili sauce.

Lanières de dinde au poulet: Chicken Turkey Strips:

Turkey is not a common food that we get to eat or to be a part of any restaurant’s menu. But if you are this meat’s fan, then this dish is especially for you. This dish has a mixed meat of chicken and turkey while the ingredients included garlic, bell pepper, and mozzarella cheese! If this was not enough to water your mouth, then you need to know that it is served with honey mustard sauce. I really the final taste it created as it was deep fried with egg coating.

Pâtes alfredo: Alfredo Pasta:

Although, every other restaurant is serving Alfredo Pasta and initially, I had no mood to try it. But thanks to my friend who wanted to try this pasta at Lazzo and literally, that was worth ordering it because it all delicious taste that made me forget all the past tastes. The serving style is so pretty that made me click several pictures for my instagram.

Steak pomodoro: Pomodoro Steak:

Ok! Some words about the presentation of this pomodoro steak first! I loved the way they served this steak because it was all newest way for a steak. It is a beef steak that is well cooked and you can have it with chef made chili tomato sauce that is so zesty.

Poulet italien: Italian Chicken:

The name must have caught your attention because it is not a French one, but I think a top class r restaurant is the one that offers you taste from different regions and that is what Lazzo is about. This Italian chicken is cooked with cheese mushroom sauce, olive, turkey bacons and cream.

You can imagine about how it rich it would be!

Lamb shank with Rice:

You do not eat lamb so daily and that is why, I loved having it here. I and my friends were not lamb meat fans, but when we had it at Lazzo, we were instantly in love! This lamb shank is served with sideline of rice.

Lava cake:

Who doesn’t love chocolate and especially, when it is oozing out of the cake! Yes! This delicious lava cake is served with ice-cream and the chocolate syrup topping was so chick that satisfied our buds.



So! Me and my friends called off our day at Lazzo with this cup of coffee and it was so amazing with creamy taste.

If you are also looking to spend your day with your loved ones somewhere, then Lazzo is the best pick for that. Treat your friends, parents, children, partner there and savor plus ambience there.

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