Sarsabz Fertilizer’s TVC nails it all

Sarsabz Fertilizer’s TVC nails it all

There is no doubt that when a father supports his daughter, she can reach up to the skies. This is what I got to see in this recent TVC of Sarsabz fertilizer. The ad shows that how a father wants her daughter to go for the CSS exams instead she is willing to become a cultivator like her father.

On the other hand, the father is concerned about this choice of career for his daughter as in our society; it is very difficult for a girl to pursue any such practice that is assigned for male, specifically.

But, despite against all the odds, she learned everything related to agriculture and turned out to be an effective farmer. Now, this is something so unusual in our daily lives. I was pretty glad when I saw this concept story by Sarsabz Fertilizers that how they targeted an authentic story of women empowerment while highlighting the bond between father-daughter along with introducing their product. This was innovative and motivating for many of us, especially in a country where stereotypes related to women empowerment are very common.

As a piece of information, let me share here that the Sarsabz fertilizer’s TVC revolved around the real-time story of Rabia Sultan who is a well-known figure in the agriculture sector of Pakistan.

The direction of this advertisement is very powerful that has captured the life of Rabia Sultan and how she was regarded by Punjab Government with First Prize under the competition of Punjab Government Company to Company. She won this competition for successful cultivation of cotton in 61 tons per acre area. This sounds like a goal thing for many of us. Personally, it was inspiring to me that really when you have the determination of achieving something, you can make it possible in any way.

In Pakistan, many women give up on to their dreams and live a life that they have not chosen for themselves. This advertisement is the pack of inspiration for all such women of Pakistan who thinks that their life is limited or they cannot achieve anything. Fact is a determined woman can attain anything and everything if she wants to.

Fathers are the mentors of every daughter and if they support them in the right direction, they can turn out to be gems who can serve generations.

Remember that if you are not ready to empower yourself, no one can come forward and do it for you. You have to claim your right to your hard work and focus. This is what exactly this TVC of Sarsabz Fertilizers teaches us and this is very appreciating that they have celebrated the success of Pakistani women in this ad. A reality-based storyline for the audience that is mostly situated in rural areas will definitely have a positive impact on minds. This way, more women will be encouraged to come forward and work in their respective fields while becoming a reason for stimulus.

TVC Of Sarsabz Fertilizers:

This advertisement by Sar Sabz is wonderful in terms of describing the power of a Pakistani Woman. A society is built by it's women and Pakistan is blessed to have amazing women. Rabia Sultan is one example of such women.

Posted by Saad Subzwari on Thursday, June 7, 2018

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