It was the news in the air for last 6 months, which the Facebook is going to launch something which will focus on the corporations. The wait seems like to be over because Facebook is going to launch its Facebook at Work apps for the iOS and Android. The business will also be able to have their own social network which will be available through the Facebook’s main website. This network will act just like as we use Facebook. The other log-ins can be created for the employees as well, which can be used in the workplace.

By the launch of this enterprise focus social networking product, the Facebook is going to be in the row of Microsoft’s Slack, Yammer, Socialcast along with the LinkedIn, which is also planning to launch its own workplace social networking space, but without the chat option. The Facebook has decided to put the app into the app store, so that the testing process will begin.

The enterprise social networking Facebook is in starting phase, therefore, the test has been run on the companies with 100 employees or a few more than that. As the product will be permanently available, there are many questions emerging in the mind of people such as will the Facebook charge for this app? If yes, then what will be the prices? Will the third party ads be allowed in the app or not?

Facebook, itself, uses this way of communication within the organization like sending memos, discussing things, sharing documents, planning, etc. therefore. The company is way certain about making this app work and they are very much aware of how the system will work and what planning is required to create the whole app.

Facebook at Work is in the use of Facebook itself for ten years, so we can expect that the product will be something worth waiting for and worth using for because this is how even Zuckerberg works by posting it on to the Facebook at Work.

The pricing factor is raising many questions so the possibility could be that that the Facebook will not allow ads on the Facebook at Work versions which will be purchased by the enterprises. But those, who will be using the free version, will have to tolerate the ads from third party.

By making it free there are chances that the more users will utilize this app.

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