One of the most renowned Digital Kids, Media and the TIA (Toy Industry Association) has announced that the Conference of 9th Annual Digital Kids would take place simultaneously with the International Toy Fair of North America on February 2015 at Jacob K. Javit Convention Centre located within New York City. It has been decided that the Conference of Digital Kids takes place during February 15-16 and would address significant, valuable tools, new strategies and most importantly, marketplace insight. It can enable the media professional that is focused youth to provide highly targeted products and services which may include games, media and gaming services and high-volume digital toys for kids. However, in order to familiar with continually changing innovations within learning technology, a prior-conference Learning Summit is also scheduled for 15th February 2015. It would also be a good chance for developing products and services that are highly targeted to meet consumer’s needs and are good at providing syllabus-basis knowledge.

Marian Bossard of the TIA vice president of events and meetings has said that the hosting of the Conference of Digital Kids within the very same venue as the Toy Fair has presented quite an exuberating opportunity for more than 30,000 retailers, exhibitors, brand owners, licensors, and others play professionally to meet under a single roof. Marian also added that the Digital Kids Conference strikes a perfect balance to the networking and educational programs that are to be taken place at the Toy Fair during this year.

The President of Digital Kids Media, Tonda Bunge Sellers are amused to become partners with TIA for locating their Digital Kids Conference alongside of Toy Fair. He has further said that the Conference of Digital Kids provides an excellent opportunity for app developers and game programmers, toy manufacturers, licensors and entertainment brand vendors collaborate and come together with a single purpose; to enhance their interaction with consumers. Attendees are provided with a chance to fortify their ventures via networking with more than one partner without any formal meetings or critically exclusive industrial insights. Having these events under a single umbrella would help attendees of Toy Fair to have right of entry to the Learning Summit and the Digital Kids Conference. Also, the TIA exclusive members would have a chance to obtain moderate prices for attending the sessions. On the other hand, the attendants of the Digital Kids Conference along with the attendees having “All Access Pass” would have the opportunity to attend both Learning Summit and the Conference.  They also have access to the Toy Fair floor to view numerous games and new toys on display from around 1200 toy companies.

Toy Fair’15 is decided to be held from 14 to February 17 to showcase this year groundbreaking items. Toy Fair will have to offer quite a vigorous instructive program that is designed to facilitate toy designers and innovators as well, along with other constituent bodies with an opportunity to enhance their business. In order to get more information, please visit and 

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