• By Saad Subzwari
  • / February 15, 2015
  • / Google

As per a report from The Information, Google is going to discuss a potential investment with SpaceX for beefing up its efforts to provide internet services using satellite. However, the venture agreement is not finalized till yet. It would cause an excess of $10billion addition to SpaceX revenues. Also, this partnership would prop up both companies’ upcoming plans for facilitating with internet access at lower cost to undeserved parts all across the globe. At this time, both Space X and Google’s representative have not responded to demand for commenting on the current scenario.

Apart from Google, different giants in Silicon Valley are also finding their ways for providing internet facilities in different developing regions so that they could have quite a fruitful user source without any massive investment of installing ground-based expensive infrastructure. In the verge of March, Facebook has said that it was looking at the uses of satellites, drones and lasers for delivering cost-effective internet to every person out there. However, the Google has been planning to invest around $1 billion for deployment of numerous low-earth track satellites.

The Facebook is also interested in getting their hands on Titan Aerospace that are the manufacturer of a solar-power driven based high-elevation drone as their part of the deployment of more than 11000 self-driven airborne vehicles to the areas that be short of internet access all over the globe. In competition, Google has caused a great setback for those plans when it has acquitted the startup of New-Mexico last April using undisclosed sum. Also, a twenty personnel team of Titan is also said to have been working quite closely with a Google project named, Project Loon. It is one of the initiatives for delivery internet access to unprivileged areas through air balloon. By the mid of 2013, it was unveiled that the elevated-flying balloons were all remotely controlled, solar-powered and have the ability to navigate the stratospheric winds around 12 miles about the Earth’s surface. The communication in those air balloons is quite similar to those of the satellite. The balloons are equipped with specially crafted antennas along with receiving stations on the ground. From all these advancements, it is evident that Google’s plans to merge up with the ambition of Elon Musk. SpaceX’s CEO. Musk has also confirmed in November, 2014 that the company is working tirelessly toward the construction as well as the deployment of an advanced fleet of more than 700 satellites. Each satellite weighs around 250 pounds that are capable of facilitating cost effective internet access all over the globe. SpaceX new armada would comprise of 4000 satellites that would cost companies around %10billion. These satellites will be developed within five years and will be designed to orbit around 750 miles above the earth’s surface. Furthermore, Musk envisions the network to provide funds for building Martian city and considers it as a long- standing income basis.

Musk, who was also a former Director of Tesla, has incepted SpaceX in year 2012 for revolutionizing the space technologies to enable citizens to exist on other planets. Considering this, he has also won massive $2.6 billion agreements from the NASA thereby making his company one of the first private ventured companies to transport astronauts to the International Space Station.

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