Like every year, the International Literacy Day will be celebrated on 8th September as well. UNESCO decided to celebrate this day to promote education by assembling the common people for their empowerment. For 50 years, UNESCO is officially celebrating this day globally.

Having this special day, everyone including teachers, governments, NGOs, multinational, private organizations, practitioners, etc gathers together on one platform and aims to provide basic right of education to everyone.

Not only that they aim, but the stakeholders also offer ideas and innovations for the expansion of education for deprived societies around the globe. Many national and international representatives are also engaged on this day for spreading the message and importance of education.

This year, on International Literacy Day, UNESCO has presented the theme of “Reading the Past, Writing the Future”, in which they will honor the efforts done for education in last five decades.

On the other hand, this year is also important because it will be the first time for instigating the Global Goal # 4 that is education. The Sustainable Development Goals has its 2030 Agenda, in which they are specially pondering on educating adults and youngsters.

Sustainable Development Goal # 4 aims to educate men and women with equal quality education and learning opportunities.

Two days conference is held in Paris that will be on 8th and 9th of September. Representatives from many countries will attend this conference while Literacy Prizes will be awarded too.

The exciting news about this year’s Literacy Day is that an organization called Global Alliance for Literacy will be initiated that will offer platform for the stakeholders to come together and work for this noble cause.

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