There were rumors and gossips almost every day on upcoming model of iPhone 7. Apple has made everyone to wait a lot in anticipation. Finally, on 8th September, all the shells of anticipation were cracked when iPhone fans saw first glimpse of their beloved smartphone.

Good news is that Apple has not disappointed you. Although, you may have seen many features earlier in other phones too, but with iPhone everything gets changed.

Apple has launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus altogether in San Francisco at the Apple event. We know that all iPhone fans wanted to take selfie underwater with better camera results. So, you must have asked for more because apple has granted your wish by including water resistant body and improved dual- lens camera.

In other news, you might need to get new headphone too. Why? Because Apple does not want you to use any usual headphones anymore and there is no headphones socket present beneath any way. So you will need new Bluetooth air-pods, which looks absolutely funny.

This new iPhone 7 is launched in glossy and lustrous black color that makes it look irresistible.

Some of the additional features of the iPhone 7 are right here:


The screen of this new iPhone 7 is same as iPhone 6S’ that is 4.7 inch while the iPhone 7 Plus has got 5.5 inch display. As compared to the previous model from last year, the HD retina display is 25% brighter. When you hold and press the screen for little longer, it vibrates due to the pressure sensitive 3D touch layer.

Home button:

The new Home Button is not the traditional button anymore that could be mainly because to make the device completely waterproof.  This Taptic Engine of Apple is designed to provide quick feedback and support with reliability.

This sort of button was also present in Motorola’s OnePlus 3 and Motorola Moto Z. it is not button, but you get used to of it later on.


The 12 mega pixel camera is still present on the back, but with the wide aperture and the feature of stabilizing the image. While the other lens of 56mm offers you the Huawei P9’s and Honor 8’s features with zoom-in quality.  The iPhone 7’s camera is also a bit out from the back.

Water resistant:

Dropped a drink on your phone or dipped it in the sink, make sure that they are only 1 meters deep because Apple will not be responsible if it will be more than that. The newest iPhone 7 is water resistant finally, but still you cannot swim with it.

With the IP67 ratings, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are protected from dust and water. Samsung and Sony already have their phones in market with this facility.   


As compared to the last iPhone’s A9 processor, the iPhone 7 contains the A-10 Fusion chip with 64- bit quad core processor that is 40% quicker than A9. You will definitely get the high efficiency with double core processors, but the battery is also going to be consumed a lot.

Not to forget that the visual graphics are mind blowing and they are ideal ones for the gaming.


The world fell into silence and chaos when they got to know that there are no headphones sockets in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. We got worried too, but do not worry! You can always have these air pods, the wireless headphones by Apple that will cost £159.

If you want to use your old sets of headphones, then Apple has thought about it too. You will get an adapter for traditional headphones that will get connected at the charging port.

The other grill at the headphone socket place, Apple has added another speaker so that you can enjoy louder music. The Air pods can get connected with both 7 and 7 Plus while switches easily between calls and songs.

Battery life:

According to Apple, we will get extra two hours of the battery this time. Earlier the LTE browsing was estimated to be of 12 hours.


The storage capacity of Apple has been changed and the capacities of 16, 64, and 128 GB models, Apple has offered 32, 128, and 125 GBs in the iPhone 7.

Antenna lines:

There are no more any antennas lines present on the iPhone anymore. Earlier, there were lines to let radio signals reaching the antenna, but with new design there is none on the case.

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