The tech giant Google has its birthday in upcoming days. This time we are concrete sure that it will be on the 27th September. We were saying this because, in the past, the dates have been varied several times.

Last year, on 27th September, Google had its birthday celebrated with the doodle showing the Google logo from 1998 on a plastic PC and a lava lamp standing beside it.

According to the corporation’s history, Google has its actual birthday on 4th September 1998.  Though, after that, the Google officials were a bit confused about when to celebrate its birthday.

It was back in 2006 when Google started celebrating its birthday on 27th September. Before that, Google was always celebrating it on the 26th September.

Not only that it was on 26th, but the birthday has varied from 6th to 7th and then to 8th September too.

It was in 2002 when Google had its birthday doodle showing on 27th September.

Now, we have to see this year whether Google celebrates its birthday altogether or as a separate entity. This is mainly because only Android and search are operating under Google while the life sciences and research division X are operating separately.

Google has also shifted its other businesses to the corporation called Alphabet.

Achievements by Google in 17 years:

Google has achieved a lot in 17 years and every step brought them more marketplace.

  • In 1997, the first domain of Google was launched.
  • In 2001, Google released its Google images.
  • Google News was launched in 2002.
  • The most successful mailbox ever, the Google Mail was launched in 2004.
  • In 2005, the most useful and innovative Google Maps was launched.
  • Google Chrome was launched in 2008.
  • Google made it to the smartphone business in 2008 with The Nexus One.
  • The spacious Google Drive was introduced in 2012.
  • Google decided to connect remote areas with Project Loon.
  • In 2015, Google Photos was released.

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